System of Degrees

The “higher” Degrees of the Rectified Scottish Rite Freemasonry  are governed by the Great Priory of Belgium, not the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium. Admission to these Degrees is attainable by invitation only, as the Order demands that only Christian brethren of the highest morale calibre, and those who have demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment to Freemasonry, are considered worthy of admission.

Fourth Degree – Scottish Master of Saint Andrew:

Candidates gain admission into the Great Priory by reception into a Lodge of Saint Andrew, which usually meets on three or four occasions in each year, and where progression to the chair of Worshipful Deputy Master is the ultimate objective. Only brethren who have served a minimum period of two years as a Scottish Master of Saint Andrew and have rendered outstanding service to their Lodge and Prefecture, as well as regular attendance, are consider for further advancement into the Inner Order.

Fifth Degree – Squire Novice:

This Degree is the portal of the Inner Order, where a completely different system of ceremonial and regalia is employed within a Commandery. The aspirant must have served a minimum period of two years and have developed an understanding that it is essential to draw away from the domination of materialism, in order to obtain a complete understanding of the Supreme Being. He is also required to familiarise himself with the question of Heraldry and Arms; this being one of the essential prerequisites for possible advancement. An impeccable record of continuous attendance is also a further essential qualification.

Sixth Degree – Knight Beneficent of the Holy City:

Promotion within the Inner Order to the ultimate Degree of the Rite is not conferred lightly, but can only be warranted by an outstanding contribution to the Order. This supreme dignity is the sole prerogative of the National Grand Master and the accolade can only be bestowed by him or his appointed representative. The postulant is exhorted to render due obedience by a faithful observance of God’s Law, and that well-informed tolerance, high morals and regular conduct are necessary qualities for those who seek the honour of Knighthood. It embodies the uplifting Ceremony of Investiture, of Dubbing and of Consecration, as derived from the general Orders of Chivalry.