Welcome to the Great Priory of Belgium and its Prefectures in Australia


The Great Priory of Belgium is a Masonic Order based on belief in God, Supreme Being, called upon in the ritual by the symbol of the Grand Architect of the Universe. It means not only that the faith in God is a prerequisite but also that you belong to a church tradition or have a non-church linked belief which includes the figure of Jesus Christ. We work in the spirit of original Christianity which can best be resumed as “Love your neighbour as yourself.”
It is fully integrated in traditional freemasonry, defined as an initiatory society for those embarking on a quest. Our members have varied backgrounds: some molded in a Christian exoteric tradition, but also others who search within the specificity of the Order, which they respect and honour..They work in the Rectified Scottish Rite.


The Rectified Scottish Rite is one of the Rites in practice in freemasonry and especially within Regular freemasonry. It consists of 6 degrees: apprentice, companion and master. These first three degrees are governed by the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium. As from the 4the degree – Scottish Master of St Andrew – the governance is assured by the Great Priory of Belgium. Also for what is called the Inner Order with the 5th degree, Squire-Novice, and the 6th, Knight Beneficent of the Holy City.
This Rite -also called System – finds its origin in France in the 18th century. It is not a phenomenon coming from nowhere but rather a reaction against the numerous so called higher degrees systems in France in the 18th century.
Jean-Baptiste Willermoz (1730-1824), a well to do merchant in silk from Lyon is its founder. He was inspired by the Strict Observance, founded by Karl Gotthelf Baron von Hund und Altengrotkau (1722-1776) in Germany, but this rite soon lost its significance and was then rectified, purified. In 1778 the rite was adopted during the het Convent des Gaules, held in Lyon. During the Convent van Wilhelmsbad, in 1782, a number of changes were adopted.
It suffices to say that the Great Priory of Belgium was introduced in 1986, grafted on the blue degrees (Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master), practiced in 6 rectified lodges of the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium, to which the members of the Great Priory also belong.


Non-members and non-masons :
If you are willing to embark on a spiritual quest, within a Western tradition, you are welcome to do so according to our rite within the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium. Please contact rglb@rglb.net
Members of the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium or of a Grand Lodge in amity with the RGLB
If you were accepted in another Rite and if you feel some affinity with the specificity of the Order, the Rectified Scottish Rite is perhaps something for you. If so, after having been present in a meeting where an apprentice was entered, a fellow craft passed and a master mason raised in the RSR and after approval by the involved St Andrew Lodge (4th degree lodge, also called the green lodge) you will be allowed in their midst.